Matt Damon is very moving viewers with a tribute father

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Matt Damon

The actor told in the show how he fine memories about the period around christmas. He and his brother tried to like little boys a long time to stay awake so they SNL could look with their father. Now it’s his own four children who have to stay up late to Matt on tv.

“When I was growing up, my brother and I to spend the weekend at my father’s house, and he told us that if we managed to stay on it until 1 o’clock in the night, that Saturday Night Live could look. So each week, we tried to stay awake, but it only managed when I was eight years old. I understand probably not all of the jokes, but I laughed at everything my father laughed.”

Matt Damon lost his father last year. “My father understood that there is nothing in the world was more important than laughing with the people you love.” Then brought Matt a toast to all of the parents who send their children to leave to stay up late ’for good reasons’.

Later stole the hearts of viewers with his comical look back at the ’best christmas ever’.

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