March against Marrakesh gets out of hand

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BRUSSELS – around 5500 people have Sunday gathered in the centre of Brussels to participate in the ’march against Marrakesh’. For the tegendemonstratie came a thousand demonstrators showed up. In the afternoon, the atmosphere became grim: the police put tear gas in.

Given the turnout spoke to co-organiser Dries Van Langenhove, founder of the far-right grouping Shield and Friends, early on the afternoon of a successful action against the UN-migratiepact. The front was Filip Dewinter, the leader of Vlaams belang.

The procession is a lot of Flemish nationalist vlagvertoon to see and the geknal of firecrackers to hear, as well as the slogan ’own people first’, ’left-wing rats, roll up your mats ” and ” no jihad in our state’.

The police will accompany the procession and has a lot of manpower. Around 13.30 hours, the atmosphere became grim, reports het Nieuwsblad. The police was pelted with projectiles, and responded with tear gas, reports the newspaper. There was also a water cannon deployed.

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