Kim Kötter ready with insults about her body

103aae8542782cff4cb93de8f25d95cd - Kim Kötter ready with insults about her body

Kim, concerned at Miss Netherlands, is all that was, all that intemperate comment that they are just for feet gets thrown. Share them on Instagram the outstanding questions and criticisms that they get. That ranges from questions if they are eating well and that they certainly every day sport ” to comments like “You’re much smaller in real life” and “You’re on tv a lot thicker.” Also car people to the hair to mane to sit upright, because “it makes you a lot prettier”, and they dare to say that she is ’ not so nice’.

Unheard of, is the presenter. “You say that, after all, not against your neighbor??” And don’t think they are this way to compliments and asks her request, reads only: “Just do it. I also am a man.”

In a later post, she adds to them that they are ” uncertain as the plague’, because they are often the ’bone’ was called. She also once and for all make it clear to the people that its too thin: “I’m so born. I’ve been there long enough for ashamed. Hide always my legs. .(…) I eat like a horse. I exercise for no meter. It is what it is. And thus Schluss.”

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