Kim Kardashian joins in fight Kanye

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West threw out there the past few days, over 125 tweets in which he claims that he and his family are threatened by Drake. Remarkably, decided to understand rapper Drake are security screws, when in fact he is accused of is Kanye to threaten.

Kim Kardashian is apparently fed up on the sidelines, because her safety and that of her family is now questioning seem to come. “Dare, my husband and my family not to threaten, he has paved the path so that there is a Drake could be”, she wrote in a tweet that they shortly afterwards again removed.

The diva also found it necessary to tell the world how great her husband in her eyes. “My husband is the most brilliant and smartest person I know. He has so many borders thrown open, from music to fashion and culture, he the world will continue to change.”

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