Julie Colpaert doubt the Smartest Man

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Julie Colpaert baffled Flanders when she was the legendary record of 11 participations broke in The Smartest Man in the World. Eight of them are completely pointless in the grand finale that is to come… However started Julie Colpaert no expectations on the quiz: “if I have the first episode but survive,” was her motto. Of course it is nice that the record of eleven entries to break, let Julie Colpaert recorded in Nina, the weekend supplement of The Latest News. Julie Colpaert has also very much enjoyed her participation in the popular quiz. “That quiz is not only about knowledge, but about fast and join in at the right time,” said Julie Colpaert who, however, admits that luck.

2018 was a year of two speeds for Julie Colpaert. During the first months of 2018 she came completely disconnected from the news because she gave birth to was of Lily, but how intensely they enjoyed, it was followed by equally fine to return to work. And that is also typical of how Julie Colpaert in life. “When I am there, I am there one hundred percent.” And that applies both at home and at work. At home, she is there for Lily who is almost 1, and Jack, meanwhile, is three years old, while she is at work full force in the rat race of the news get. The gsm is available 24 hours on 24 hours. However, that does not mean that they are at home constantly sitting on strumming, but is reachable, Julie Colpaert always. Work and family combine, then, is a spicy combination.

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