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IOTA is partnering with Fingerprint Sensor NEXT Biometrics

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IOTA is partnering with Fingerprint Sensor NEXT Biometrics

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Marcel Knobloch –

IOTA is considered to be one of the most innovative and most complex projects in the crypto market, that is not on the Blockchain but on the IOTA Tangle. The Tangle opens up a host of new opportunities in the Internet to edit the things complicated tasks simply and quickly and to solve. The new cooperation partner is the Norway company NEXT Biometrics.

IOTA announced on their Blog that the IOTA Foundation is working together with the Fingerprint-firm NEXT Biometrics to develop new identity management system. The project’s goiing to use the IOTA Tangle, in order to establish a secure way to easy to capture ad the identity of persons, to save and to make institutions accessible. The focus of the current Work is the Integration of FIngerprint sensor technology in the Open-SOurce Protocol to the IOTA Foundation.

The Mission of IOTA is to promote the development and standardization of Distributed Ledger technologies (DLT). The IOTA Tangle is a DLT, especially for the IOT environment was developed. It is an Open-Source Protocol, that a novel machine-to-machine interactions (M2M), including data transmission, real-time micro-payments without fees, as well as the collection and dissemination of sensor-based information. Both cooperation partners will generate from the existing technical Knowledge synergies (freely translated):

NEXT is to integrate the IOTA technology in a selection of its sensor products, and the comprehensive technical Know-how of IOTA to the development of the seam to ensure wireless solutions. Both parties will use their networks to promote the NEXT – and IOTA-technology and present.

Holger Köther, Director for cooperation of the IOTA Foundation, argues that the technology of NEXT Biometrics, in collaboration with the IOTA Tangle is an important step to strengthen confidence in the development of the ‘Internet of things’ and drive it forward (freely translated):

IOTA Tangle provides a secure transmission of data with an immutable audit trail. The Integration of IOTA in NEXT Biometrics Sensors is an important step in order to develop solutions that enable a secure and effective user identification at the device level. Together, these solutions provide digital trust, when we turn to the Internet of Everything.

Already in October this year, IOTA merged with the Startup IAMPASS to develop a complex biometric authentication system, the vein pattern of a Person used to Check its Identity.

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