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Insider sees no threat to the total loss of the Bitcoin Coin Hero

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Insider sees no threat for total loss of Bitcoin

Home News Insider sees no threat for total loss of Bitcoin

Matthias Nemack –

In view of the current economic downturn and slump in the market is often speculated about whether the bubble in Bitcoin now burst allegedly. Other experts like Andreas Antonopoulos see no risk of a complete failure of the currency could come.

Antonopoulos thinks anything of current black painting

The crypto-connoisseur and entrepreneur, Antonopoulos made via the Medium of YouTube announcing that he developed the algorithm of the Bitcoin Blockchain in its complexity, perfect. Also, the high expenditure for Mining is optimally designed. Unlike critics of the current downward trends of the industry does not expect connoisseurs with the media often sought to “death spiral”, at the end of a total failure of the course. Instead, the Belief that the particular orientation of the system in the current Situation, provides new incentives from the point of view of the Miner is Antonopoulos.

Lower Hashrate Miner can realize higher profits

Background: to Be reduced to less blocks of the chain in a certain time window, so the Mining costs, decreases in the Ratio. The lower activity could be for the Mining of some interest. Wait and win – so the thought could be so. Miner, waiting for the right moment and start again, up to the level of difficulty is dropped to a lower level. Then, the actors will receive a percentage a higher percentage of the performance of the System-internal mining. From the doom and gloom, even in specialist media to Cryptocurrencies in General, Bitcoin to Ripple for some time, to the crypto insider Antonopoulos, therefore, know nothing. Whether it’s Blockchain-based tokens or other.

In the end, nobody knows where exactly the journey will go. Right, but that is exactly why not only the negative aspects of the cleanup mentioned. After calming down, investors could take advantage of, finally, some good opportunity.

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