Heino (80) takes off in Las Vegas

93dcadff02fb85c46c284ce0597433ee - Heino (80) takes off in Las Vegas

Heino and Hannelore

For his eightieth birthday decided the hitzanger Thursday lot to unpack. At least, his wife Hannelore. They left Tuesday to Private know that they have a nice trip organized: “He need only in the plane, everything is arranged. I know he loves.”

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And there appears to be no word of a lie. Heino celebrated his birthday with thirteen good friends in Las Vegas. Under more magicians Siegried & Roy came along to congratulate him.”We are so proud of Heino! We are decades-long friends,” says Roy to the German newspaper. “It speaks for itself that here we are today.” The men had a remarkable gift for him chosen: a laser-carved stone skull decorated with flowers.

“I feel great on my 80th, almost like on my 40th. Then cheers I today. My wish is that God me and Hannah still many good years,” responds Heino. “I can hardly believe it, but I should today for the first time to go to bed with an octogenarian! God’s ways are inscrutable”, jokes Hannelore. And then Heino and his wife each other lovingly, a look of astonishment. “Not many people can say that, Hannelore”, comfort her.

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