Hashtagbedenker ’#SorryJohan’ threatened

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Johan Derksen spoke in Veronica Inside hard against the acceptance of gays. As a reaction to this shared lgbt people under the hashtag #SorryJohan on Twitter the experiences that they had in their coming-out.

“Through Facebook, I received messages with a curse as aandachtzoekende kankerhomo’, ‘pisnicht’ and ‘relnicht’. I would only make matters worse for the gays in our country. I would do it to DUTCH. Of gays I got responses that I my mouth had to learn to love it and that I was not on behalf of the community was talking. I thought: if you all don’t understand…”, he tells the Gaykrant.

“I take a step back and go, no new things to do, mainly because of those threats and curses. Safe on the streets, is for me also very important. If I publicly in the foreground continue on, I’m your typical activist. That’s good, but maybe not the correct way to tackle the problem. I’ve already been in contact with the KNVB, but an appointment is not yet come. It is just as good, if. Next year I see further.”

Veronica Inside

Young also responded to voetbalanalist Johan Derksen on television said that homosexuals should cease to do so or it is so difficult to get out of the closet. According to Young, had Derksen no idea what he is ravaged with that comment. On Twitter responded, many under the hashtag #SorryJohan with personal stories to make it clear that gays have to deal with.

Also let Bowi know is not interested to join Veronica Inside, if he asked. “I’m not going to do it and I’m also not behind the scenes in conversation with them. That has no added value, because it delivers no substantive conversation. All three (Wilfred Genee, René van der Jibe and Johan Derksen, eds.) have had the opportunity to stand up and speak out. I saw on Twitter that Wilfred Genee children. Surely you don’t want they see their father for such jokes laughs? We would be better perhaps their supporters should have. This anti-homostemming is a problem in this country. It’s all in upbringing and education, as the minister himself says.”

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