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Genk wins easy of KV Oostende (but had a lot more to score)

1c0e98a64a1fe23918eb71362766a4dd - Genk wins easy of KV Oostende (but had a lot more to score)

Genk is seven points for Club Brugge, and Antwerp. The leader won easily and logically from KV Oostende 2-0 and was never really in trouble just three days after the European match against Sarspborg. For Genk, it is the first thuiszege in three matches, Oostende with 22 points hang in the right column. One werkpuntje: the match organiser spilled with the doelkansen, making it ‘only’ 2-0.

Business, no frills. The victory of Genk vs Oostende was the one that logically if was easy. Three days after the European match against Sarpsborg it was for Clement and his players ‘ case to the cups there. The Genk coach changed four names to avoid the Europa League would have an impact on the league and the proud leader for the third consecutive home game points would cost.

It soon became clear that fear unjustified, because Genk picked up the match immediately in your hands. Through Samatta could in the openingsminuten threatening but Ondoa made his shot and harmless. Suddenly, it was scaring when Bataille on the other side for Vukovic appeared. The young man threw his attempt, however, the goalkeeper. Genk performed then the command with sterile pressure, already had Ondoa however, the les remain. Eventually it happened from far: Malinovskyi should just build out of the sixteen and shot the ball low and unsustainable. Oostende got for the rest a few opportunities on the counter, but was always bad at making Vukovic on both ears, could sleep.

The same spelbeeld after the rest

The spelbeeld remained after the rest unchanged. Genk claimed the ball but pushed never really fully on the accelerator, Ostend ran behind the facts and had a lot of trouble to push something through. After just a few minutes the race was almost as good as ready when Maehle the pole struck, and a moment later had Ostend lucky Pozuelo the ball is not in the intersection within depicts. Certainly, when Samatta in the 66th minute a buitenspelgoal made, it was just to wait until the 2-0 fell and Genk are sheep in the dry. Still wanted that second goal did not fall. Trossard got a giant chance when he got the ball close to the goal of Ndongala got, but the dribbelkont hit the crossbar. Also Samatta – Ondoa was already played out but Lombaerts brought salvation – finished the job. Ultimately, it was Samatta the ball after a clever attack finally in goal and got the double lead of the lens.

In the meantime, Malinovskyi and Capon each been substituted with an injury. KVO tried yet with an isolation of a Race, but a logical defeat was no more to turn. Genk missed out on some imposed opportunities, including two for Trossard. To the end, there was still a stir when Samatta after a missed opportunity at full speed against the pole, and ran. He seemed equally express west, but could end up by. Genk is strengthening its leading position and now has seven points on Club Bruges and Antwerp, Oostende with 22 points in the column on the right hang.

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