Frank van der Lende affected by journey to Sudan

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Dj Frank van der Lende went for 3FM Serious Request: Lifeline on trip to South Sudan with the Red Cross. He visited a prosthetic clinic for war victims.

For the 3FM-dj, it was an impressive journey. “South Sudan is so poor and there is food scarcity. They live on the edge of the abyss, and by the civil war, they are still of that edge afgeduwd. Our help is really needed.” The emergency aid that the Red Cross to the people there, it is one of the charities to which the public money can give in the 3FM Serious Request: Lifeline-action of this year.

“All the clichés from movies turn out to be true. Women who have a canister on their head, small children with round bellies, the kleihutten, sometimes it was almost surreal,” says Frank.

Birds and berries

Van der Lende has on his journey to the different activities of the Red Cross followed. “I never realized how systematic the Red Cross work. Everything is reported and there is a long-term vision. So is the radio dj has been on droppings of food. In places that are difficult or dangerous to reach by land, from a helicopter, food parcels dropped.

“I was down with a family that spent the whole day in the scorching sun was waiting on the food. “The mother of the family, Mali, told me how she already has three children and was lost, and that there is nothing to eat. They eat the berries they can find, make soup from the leaves or pick up baby birds from nests and eat it. Of such a food package can be a family a month of life.”


People who have to eat but have no roof over their head, get help. The Red Cross gives a family in such a situation, an awning, a bucket and jerry cans so that they are at least a roof over the head before the rainy season begins.

Frank finds it admirable how well the people there with their situation can handle. “I have seen in a medical clinic where I spoke with Gabriel. The boy in the twenty lost in the civil war his lower leg. He had his lower leg lost but he said to me: to me layers of my six dead brothers, I am so glad that I’m alive! What a misery, what a trauma.” The Red Cross gave Gabriel a prosthesis so he can walk and play football.

Little activist

“I’m not a out to improve the world, but with something small can get you something big to do. “You’re just a time no coffee to go. Yes, such a trip you become a little activist.”

Serious Request is different this year than in previous years. In place of the Glass House, the six djs under the name Lifeline for a week on foot through the Netherlands. They will be 24 hours per day, action to action and arrive on the day before christmas in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht.

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