Fifth dead after attack in Strasbourg

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STRASBOURG – The attack in Strasbourg last Tuesday night with a fifth victim lives. A European musician, of Polish origin died Sunday, five days after the attack in the hospital, writes his brother on Facebook.

’Strasbourg is stronger than hate’. On the Place Kleber in that city were the victims of the attack of 11 december will be commemorated.

He was already brain dead declared, report French media. The Public Prosecutor’s office in Paris confirms the death of the man.

The 29-year-old extremist Chérif Chekatt shot Tuesday at passers-by in the centre of Strasbourg. People were already four dead, and were twelve people injured. Chekatt would have recently been radicalised. Thursday was the fugitive himself killed by police after a two-day manhunt by 700 members of the French security services.

Sunday morning the victims were remembered during a solemn meeting on the Place Kléber in Strasbourg, near the place of the attack.

The search for possible accomplices of the attack in Strasbourg in the meantime. Three acquaintances of Chekatt sit still. Four of the family members of the offender were earlier this weekend released. They have according to the French justice has nothing to do with the attack.

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