Feyenoord hunting the opening goal in thuisduel with Fortuna

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Feyenoord hunting the opening goal in thuisduel with Fortuna

December 16, 2018 11:42
16-12-18 11:42
Last update: 14 minutes ago
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In the Premier league is on Sunday-one match on the program. After sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht (2-3), Ajax-De Graafschap (8-0) and FC Groningen-FC Emmen (1-2) close, Feyenoord and Fortuna Sittard, the sixteenth round, in a match at 16.45 hours is started. Don’t miss out in this liveblog.

Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard (0-0)

sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht 2-3
Ajax-De Graafschap, 8-0
FC Groningen-FC Emmen 1-2Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard · 2 minutes geleden27 ” Now the roles are reversed for the Fortuna-attackers and gives Novakovich the ball not in time to Stokkers. If the People that what better benefit, had been on edge in The Cockpit.Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard · 10 minutes geleden20′ This time Novakovich the ball or aangespeeld, but he lacks the control. He is also, therefore, not to Bijlow back and ruined this chance.Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard · 10 minutes geleden19′ Huts sends Stokkers with a smart would have landed way. Striker Novakovich has position chosen in the sixteen of the Team, but sees the ball to his dismay, not its direction. The home team should be aware to stay on the fast tegenstoten of the Limburg visitors.Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard · 15 minutes ago

15′ Feyenoord is stronger in the first quarter, but Fortuna Sittard soccer nice. Both teams have all possibilities had to score to open.Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard · 19 minutes geleden10′ Exciting minute in The Cockpit. Firstly, Feyenoord keeper Bijlow after a scrimmage the ball just in time back, after he in a corner completely wrong. A few seconds apart Fortuna-colleague Koselev on the other side with a great rescue on a shot from Berghuis.Ajax-De Graafschap · 21 minutes ago

Daley Blind has all the reason to laugh. For the first time in his career, he makes a hattrick. Partly because of this win Ajax with 8-0 of The County.Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard · 23 minutes geleden6′ Good attack from Newcastle on the right, where Berghuis Nieuwkoop useful in between stabs. The ball comes to the feet of Larsson, who through a town defender, in addition to pops. The corner is in front of gekopt by Van Beek.Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard · 30 minutes geleden1′ The ball rolls in The Cockpit. Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard is on the way.Ajax-De Graafschap · 31 minutes ago

Hakim Ziyech is relieved that Ajax was a great result has dropped against The County. The Locals won this afternoon by as much as 8-0, the team from Doetinchem. “We were in the quiet already 3-0, but we missed too many opportunities,” says Ziyech, who with a hattrick contributes to the giant triumph, against FOX Sports. “We have agreed to meet a half long full of gas. That we have done and I am happy with my first hatrrick for Ajax important.”Ajax-De Graafschap · 42 minutes ago

2001 – Ajax’s 8-0 win against De Graafschap was their biggest Premier league home victory since 18 March 2001 (9-0 v Sparta). Demolition.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen16:29 – december 16, 2018FC Groningen-FC Emmen · one hour ago

Emmen fopt Groningen in insane breakaway
Thanks to a bizarre final stage keeps FC Emmen three points to the uitduel with FC Groningen. Mimoun Mahi seems to be the Northerners in the 87th minute, three points to give, but directly after the kick-off makes Nicklas Pedersen is equal. In the third minute of stoppage time does the Dane even the winning hit. The victory takes Emmen distance from Groningen, the difference between both teams is now three points.Ajax-De Graafschap · one hour ago

Ajax walst over The County to go
Ajax has made all the difference in goal difference with leader PSV repaired. The Amsterdammers win in their own home by as much as 8-0 of a weak County. Hakim Ziyech and Daley Blind make a hattrick, Dusan Tadic and Noussair Mazraoui come to scoring.FC Groningen-FC Emmen · one hour agoPast! What a denouement in Groningen. FC Emmen wins with a 1-2 after the home team in the 87th minute, 1-0.Ajax-De Graafschap · one hour agoPast! Ajax walst in their own home over The County back and make it eight: 8-0!FC Groningen-FC Emmen · one hour ago,90+3′ GOAL FC Emmen! 1-2

This is not to believe! Six minutes ago, came to Emmen on backlog and now it stands for! Pedersen is the hero with his second of the afternoon. The striker is the headline from close to simple touch.Ajax-De Graafschap · one hour ago

PSV and Ajax have now exactly the same goal difference: 57-7. This century had no club with a better goal difference after 16 speelrondes.


AuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen16:18 – december 16, 2018Ajax-The County of · one hour ago90′ GOAL Ajax! 8-0

Again a hattrick. This time Blind! It is almost impossible to believe. The defender shoots from close to touch in the beat after he first time the pole touches.FC Groningen-FC Emmen · one hour ago,88′ GOAL FC Emmen! 1-1

And there is the equalizer! Immediately after the kick-off shoot Nicklas Pedersen the ball past Sergio Padt. How can FC Groningen this give away?FC Groningen-FC Emmen · one hour ago,87′ GOAL for FC Groningen! 1-0

There is still the openingsgoal for the home team! Mimoun Mahi, that is poorly covered, the headline in convincing touch.FC Groningen-FC Emmen · one hour geleden86′ FC Groningen in the final stage, almost the 1-0, but as Mendes Moreira is just deficit after a low cross.Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard · one hour agoSetup! These are the eleven names of Fortuna Sittard for the duel in The Cockpit:

Fortuna: Koselev; Heerings, Dammers, Ninaj, Pinto; Cabins, Rodríguez, Smeets, Diemers; Novakovich, Stokkers.Premier league · one hour geledenNog more than ten minutes in the duels, from 14.30 in the Premier league:

  • Ajax-De Graafschap (7-0)
  • FC Groningen-FC Emmen (0-0)

Ajax-De Graafschap · one hour ago,74′ GOAL Ajax! 7-0

It goes very hard in Amsterdam. Blind is completely free at a corner and tap simple his second of the afternoon.Ajax-De Graafschap · one hour geledenEen small update related to the previous statistic of Ziyech, who was now to the side is achieved.

10 – Hakim Ziyech now has more goals this Eredivisie season (10 in 13 games) than in 2017-18 (9 in 34 games). Update.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen15:58 – 16 december 2018Ajax-The County of · one hour ago,69′ GOAL Ajax! 6-0

There is goal number six for Ajax! Ziyech makes his third of the afternoon, again with a blast from distance.Ajax-De Graafschap · one hour geledenHakim Ziyech is personal to a great season working on it.

9 – Hakim Ziyech now has as many goals this Eredivisie season (9 in 13 games) as in the entire 2017-18 season (34 games). Speedy.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen15:55 – 16 december 2018Ajax-The County of · one hour ago

Ajax in thuisduels in 2018:
– Unbeaten in the Premier league
– Unbeaten in the cup
– Undefeated in the CL
20 wins, 3 draws


AuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen15:53 – december 16, 2018Ajax-The County of · one hour ago,65′ GOAL Ajax! 5-0

A very nice goal from Ajax! Daley Blind makes his first hit since his return with a great bang away.Ajax-De Graafschap · one hour ago,62′ GOAL Ajax! 4-0

Now it is touch for Ziyech. The lefty gets from the left and surprised goalkeeper Etemadi. It is his second goal of the afternoon.Ajax-De Graafschap · one hour geleden61′ Header of Dolberg disappears next to the goal. Ajax is also after rest better, but it creates less chances than before the break.Ajax-De Graafschap · 2 hours geleden57′ Bar for Ajax! Ziyech also has had some bad luck today. The midfielder curls a free kick over goalkeeper Etemadi on the lat.Ajax-De Graafschap · 2 hours geleden55′ Opportunity for The County to a hit. Erik Bakker has a good header, but Onana, the bet can times.Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours geledenDe Cockpit is geheveld in a fog today. At 16.45 hours begins Feyenoord here against Fortuna.

👀 Somewhere around here we play more than an hour the match against Feyenoord!


AuteurFortuna SittardMoment of plaatsen15:40 – 16 december 2018Ajax-The County of · 2-hour geleden51′ Almost the 4-0 of Ziyech, but goalkeeper Etemadi has a beautiful rescue is home to the bang of the lefty.Premier league · 2 hours ago46′ The ball rolls again in Amsterdam and Groningen!

  • Ajax-De Graafschap (3-0)
  • FC Groningen-FC Emmen (0-0)

Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours agoUp! These are the eleven names of the Team for the duel with Fortuna Sittard. The talent Orkun Kokcü begins in the base!

Feyenoord: Bijlow; Nieuwkoop, Van Beek, Van der Heijden, Malacia; van la parra, Kökcü, Vilhena; Berghuis, Vente, Larsson.

8️⃣ self-trained players in the base!


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen15:29 – december 16, 2018Ajax-The County of · 2-hour geledenAjax-captain The is much to find on the side of the opponent, so to speak.

6 – Matthijs de ligt has had more shots (6) and touches in the opposition box (7) than any other player in the first half, or Ajax-De Graafschap. Striker.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen15:20 – december 16, 2018FC Groningen-FC Emmen · 2 hours geledenOok in Groningen is the rest. Here is not yet scored: 0-0.Ajax-De Graafschap · 2 hours agoIt is a rest in Amsterdam! Ajax is, as expected, far too strong for The County, and leads earned: 3-0.Ajax-De Graafschap · 2 hours geleden43′ The post for Ajax. The Is run by and has a free schietkans, but the captain hits the aluminum.Premier league · 2-hour geledenNog a few minutes, until the peace in Amsterdam and Groningen. For rest still score goals?Ajax-De Graafschap · 2 hours geleden38′ Ajax continues with the hunt for goals. A beautiful attack is almost completed by Dolberg, but the pass of the Stream is just not on size.Ajax-De Graafschap · 2 hours ago32′ GOAL Ajax! 3-0

That is very easy for Ajax. Mazraoui put for and Ziyech is totally free at the second pole. The midfielder shoot simple touch.FC Groningen-FC Emmen · 2 hours geleden30′ FC Emmen, goalkeeper Kjell Sharpen prevents the 1-0 to FC Groningen, with a nice rescue after a free-kick from Tim Craftsman.FC Groningen-FC Emmen · 2 hours geleden28′ Both teams to jump is not economical to with their possibilities and therefore it is still 0-0.Ajax-De Graafschap · 2 hours ago25′ GOAL Ajax! 2-0

Ajax extends the lead with a nice hit. Donny van Beek explains in a step-down for Mazraoui. The right back popping the ball with the left into the far corner.FC Groningen-FC Emmen · 2 hours geledenHalverwege the first half is still 0-0 in Groningen. A precarious moment for the purpose of FC Emmen delivers the home team almost edge on.Ajax-De Graafschap · 2 hours ago

Ajax is obviously a lot to find for the purpose of The County. So far I succeeded only Tadic to also the net.Ajax-De Graafschap · 2 hours ago18′ GOAL Ajax! 1-0

There is the goal for Ajax. Ziyech conquers the ball and has a beautiful pass in the house in the direction of Dusan Tadic. The Serb smashes the ball right through the bottom of the crossbar.Back to top

Image: ANP


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