Family fuss: no, our daughter (7) was not dehydrated

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EL PASO – The seven year old girl Jakelin Caal, died after she and her father were detained by American grensagenten, was healthy and had enough to eat and drink.

Mother Claudia Maquin (27) here on the photo with her other children.

That says, the family of the girl in a statement, and they deny this earlier messages in the media that the girl is exhausted and dehydrated by the long journey from Guatemala through Mexico to the U.s. border.

The death of the girl sparked criticism on the hard American asylum policy of the United States. In the statement, assign the family members but not to the border police. However, called for thorough investigation of the incident. The department of Homeland Security already has such research promised.

The girl was with her father as part of a group of 163 immigrants who are illegally the border crossing between Mexico and the United States. According to the Washington Post, stayed for the girl for eight hours at a shelter by the border patrol in Lordsburg, New Mexico, when she had convulsions. She later died in the hospital.

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