Emma Stone has private movie never seen

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Emma Stone

“No, I did Easy A, never seen that before”, says Stone to Variety. “I do have certain scenes seen. I am at a preview for friends and family of the cast, but I had halfway run away. Who wants to himself so long?”, she asks out loud.

But that is not the only reason why the movie has never seen. Emma wants to feel that she had never relive, and she fears that that happens if they are viewing the movie. “I was twenty and had set the bar tremendously high, I felt a lot of pressure. During the recordings, I made myself crazy with my thoughts: ’Everything can go wrong, I have no idea what I am doing!’. I was always present. And when I’m not on tv, it was about me written. It was too much for me,” recalls the actress back.

“I had the feeling that I continually have done everything correctly had to do. It was the first time that I myself had to depend and to trust that I could. I have set myself to much under pressure.”

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