Ellen DeGeneres craved challenge

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Ellen Degeneres

But less than fifteen years did Ellen not more to stand-up comedy in one, but 18 december, she is back on the stage in the stand-upshow Ellen DeGeneres: be Relatable. On Jimmy Kimmel, tells the 60-year-old presenter that she is fifteen years ago you stopped stand-up, because she ready to be part of it after twenty years on the stage have been.

“I was just really done with it, you know? I did it for twenty years and I always made jokes when I’m on tour was that a time would come that people to me would come instead of the other way around. That moment was finally there, so I stopped,” she explains.

DeGeneres tells that it was extremely hard to always be on tour, but they face the challenge of writing new material and performing for a live audience overall “There are now already fifteen years past, and I notice that I really miss. It is really a challenge to find a new show to put down, but I just started to write. I am now very happy with it.”

Ellen felt it was important that there was in show a different side of her exposed than that people already know. “People know me from my talk show, but only a few people know me already comedienne. I want them to know that I also have something else to do.”

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