Crowdfunding after desastrueze zwembadsprong

e7261039d9f285e77c6c21da9fa23131 - Crowdfunding after desastrueze zwembadsprong

Pai – The ultimate vakantienachtmerrie is for the British backpackster Sophie Wilson (24) on Saturday, december 1, hard reality. They estimated the depth of the Thai swimming pool where they jumped the wrong way and is now largely paralyzed. Her family is now trying to the 60000 pound to raise to get her the medical care that they need.

Sophie Wilson may be after her jump but one arm to use.

Wilson was after her jump saved from drowning, and immediately to the hospital. Yet she can only her left arm to move, and she is paralyzed on both legs and her right arm.

She was only just a week embarked on her dream journey through Asia. A trip that she had six months to last. Her family is now trying through crowdfunding 60000 euro trip.

Wilson is now in the northern Thai village of Pai. They will be under special medical supervision should fly back to Leicestershire.

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