Cardi B takes it in her bra for Offset

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Cardi B and Offset in better times

Cardi says in a video on Instagram that they don’t want people on behalf of her tricks to Offset. Despite their personal problems and the alleged infidelity of her husband, she feels no better when people on social media Offset bullying, or insulting. “In the end, he remains the family,” explains the rapper.

She stresses that this does not mean that she is going back to Offset. “I just need time so that we can agree. I can’t predict the future. I don’t know. But I feel not better when you are the father of my child but downwards.”

Cardi made at the beginning of this month announced that they had a point to put behind her relationship with Offset, with whom they have a five-month-old daughter. The 27-year-old rapper tries the 26-year-old rapper since then to win back. Saturday he came unannounced, the stage increase during a show of Cardi in Los Angeles. He offered to publicly apologize, and asked Cardi for him to take back. But they would have none of it and sent him off stage.

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