Bon Bini Holland 2 in top grossing films

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Jandino Asporaat

The comedy Bon Bini Holland 2, with Jandino Asporaat is on the second place. The sequel to the hit film of two years back went in the first three days, already more than 73,000 visitors. On place 4 in the list of most visited films is the romantic comedy All you need is love from director Will Koopman. The film, inspired by the popular programme on love by Robert ten Brink, pulled in less than a week and a half already 154.000 people to the cinemas.

Also in the film remain Dutch (co)productions do well. Here draws, among others, the Belgian-Dutch film Girl, that Saturday several times in the prizes at the European Film Awards, still full houses. The debut of director Lukas Dhont tells about a young transgender who like ballerina wants to be. Also The Conductor from director Maria Peters is still doing well in the arthouse. The drama talks about the first female conductor in the world, the Dutch-born Antonia Brico.

The best-visited film in Dutch cinema is at the moment by the way Aquaman, the new action movie of stripproducent DC Comics. On the third place is still as Bohemian Rhapsody, the biografiefilm about the band Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in particular. The critically acclaimed musical drama, passed it Friday, the border of one million visitors and is therefore the best-attended film of 2018.

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