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Belgium world champion in hockey, the Netherlands reacts disappointed: ‘Again, just not’

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‘Just not. Again, not at all.’ In the Dutch media it is the disappointment over the lost final in the world Championships of Hockey in India.

The Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad noted that 2018 no title to the Dutch, the last time world champion dates back from 1998. ‘Just not. Again, just don’t”, reports the newspaper on its website. “But what was the little.’

The title follows on the shoot-outs felt that which is unjust’, what it sounds like. “But such is the rule. And none of both teams had in the regular time (0-0) can make a difference.’

“It is the first title in a team sport for Belgium, outside of basketball,” notes General daily Newspaper still on. And the Dutch, however, some merit in it, falls between the lines to read. As played a number of Belgians in the Netherlands and were the two teams regularly face each other.

‘Humanoid’, this is how The Telegraph the shoot-outs. ‘The Belgians were never higher than fifth place finishes at a world cup, but they were already second in the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.’

Broadcaster NOS saw the Dutch goalkeeper Pirmin Blaak to become a folk hero to his Belgian counterpart, Vincent Vanasch just that little bit better turned out. A missed shoot-out later, and ” then could the Belgians champion du monde speak forth.’

‘After the lost olympic final (against Argentina) and the lost european CHAMPIONSHIPS-finals (against Germany and the Netherlands), he was the best Belgian hockeygeneratie ever then to the shoot-outs to deal with the final-complex.’

The NRC finds that the loss of ‘hard arrival’ for the Dutch men. ‘Four years ago, the battle for gold also lost.”

India Today has a great day for the Belgians. Indian Express is of the opinion that the victory gained is because ‘the Belgians have not a single match lost during the tournament’.

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