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Antwerp chokes on his own Team in courageous Waasland-Beveren

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Antwerp has failed to Waasland-Beveren in their own house to put aside. Push went smoothly, with a string of chances as a result. But score they did that on the other side. Louis Verstraete velde the Deurnese verdict just after the coffee. The Great Old continued to pull out all the stops, but all of that zeal resulted in nothing more. Vellios made the small drama in the slot even more dramatic. Club Brugge, on 0-0 stayed in Kortrijk, was so relieved breath and see Antwerp as some prefer to Jan Breydel to come next Sunday.

Sint-Laszlo Bölöni left William Owusu after the victory in Cercle. Also Lamkel Zé, in Bruges is still a mere alternate, came in the team, partly due to the suspension of now Yatabaré. Borges went out to the benefit of Batubinsika, that in a viermansdefensie. Bolingi returned from suspension, but the fourth that to the bank. With the visitors not suspended Ampomah. Schryvers came in his place. Boljevic pushed as a row.

“It should be better if we want to continue to confirm,” said Bölöni advance. “We will have everything out of the closet, even against a team like Waasland -Beveren. Because there are no easy matches.” The Romanian had spoken, the tone was set. Quite at home, and had the Great Old the three points to grab, especially since Club Brugge – flush against KV Kortrijk – so three points could be put. And next week’s draws-Antwerp, oh yes, to blue-black. Just to say how much interest there still clave to the encounter with the Waaslanders.

Lamkel Zé tested the curve of the leather early on from far away, but that bang bare Aft hardly any worries. But Antwerp immediately boss, that much was clear. That should be on the own Team and with that beautiful outlook. Boljevic signed for the first feat on the other side, while Bolat the 0-1 Forte but just in a corner, tapped. In between, had Van Damme in a free kick from Refaelov cannot take advantage. But that goal, which fell, but not for Antwerp. It was Deurnese game too often to the side, too slow also. Waasland-Beveren remained good in block and saw the like to happen. With that conversion in mind. And then it was Owusu – again, he – there are still close to.

Just not so, it will Bölöni, who also knew what his team could achieve, not nice and have been so for the clash in Bruges. Anyway, who is 0-1? No, already spent Refaelov, however, the flame in the pan with a but just across the intersection brushed ball. Or Haroun? No, because Aft was just focused. But it seemed only a matter of time before the Team would be able to cheer. And the Waaslanders? That came only sporadically in Bolats near. Refaelov blasted next. In any case: the Great Old had after the coffee really to bake and wanted the victory thuishouden. Because opportunities galore, that’s for sure. Now even a convert.

But that was without Waasland-Beveren counted. Because not even two minutes after the coffee devoured Verstraete Bolat after a rare visiting side attack. Robbery on the Trot, something like that. And just then also fell the snow pouring from the sky. Now, what Bölöni? It was certainly all hands on deck for the flaterende Batubinsika. But Antwerp scribbled mentally or standing. And the pressure rose even more for the visitors, who have now completely terugplooiden. Sink or swim, that was the credo for the men of Custovic. They would look good.

And then almost Van Damme-time. But the defender hit first the post and in the rebound the strong deck-house, which also subsequently without error remained. Antwerp was known mountains, but the finesse was missing too often. Swearing they did in Deurne-Noord, Bölöni on the head. Waasland-Beveren pushed the knife even deeper into the wound via the substitute Vellios. With the buttocks exposed. Wounds to lick, is that this week.

“It should be better if we want to continue to confirm.” Bölöni had equal advance. The weather should be much better. It will now in Bruges, the lair of the lion, should it happen. However, one of the star performers for Antwerp by the defeat against Waasland-Beveren with three points ahead of West-Flanders. On paper, it is (still) a little bit harder than against Waasland-Beveren, which is the star of the Team was to prove that there are no easy matches/opponents exist. Also has Bölöni surplus of the same.

Antwerp late so after nearer to leader Racing Genk, it can also not benefit from the loss of points from Club Brugge earlier on Saturday night. This is certainly third party, regardless of the other results this weekend.

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