Ajax already for rest more than on edge against The County

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Ajax already for rest more than on edge against The County

December 16, 2018 11:42
16-12-18 11:42
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In the Premier league are Sunday four duels on the program. After sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht (2-3) is at 14.30 pm kick-off at Ajax-De Graafschap, FC Groningen-FC Emmen. Feyenoord and Fortuna Sittard end of the day from 16.45 hrs. Don’t miss out in this liveblog.

Ajax-De Graafschap (3-0)
FC Groningen-FC Emmen (0-0)

16.45 pm:
Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard

sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht 2-3Ajax-De Graafschap · one minute ago,32′ GOAL Ajax! 3-0

That is very easy for Ajax. Mazraoui put for and Ziyech is totally free at the second pole. The midfielder shoot simple touch.FC Groningen-FC Emmen · one minute geleden30′ FC Emmen, goalkeeper Kjell Sharpen prevents the 1-0 to FC Groningen, with a nice rescue after a free-kick from Tim Craftsman.FC Groningen-FC Emmen · 4 minutes geleden28′ Both teams to jump is not economical to with their possibilities and therefore it is still 0-0.Ajax-De Graafschap · 8 minutes ago25′ GOAL Ajax! 2-0

Ajax extends the lead with a nice hit. Donny van Beek explains in a step-down for Mazraoui. The right back popping the ball with the left into the far corner.FC Groningen-FC Emmen · 9 minutes geledenHalverwege the first half is still 0-0 in Groningen. A precarious moment for the purpose of FC Emmen delivers the home team almost edge on.Ajax-De Graafschap · 12 minutes ago

Ajax is obviously a lot to find for the purpose of The County. So far I succeeded only Tadic to also the net.Ajax-De Graafschap · 16 minutes ago18′ GOAL Ajax! 1-0

There is the goal for Ajax. Ziyech conquers the ball and has a beautiful pass in the house in the direction of Dusan Tadic. The Serb smashes the ball right through the bottom of the crossbar.Ajax-De Graafschap · 17 minutes geleden16′ The next rescue of Etemadi is a fact after a blast of Noussair Mazraoui. Then continue to the visitors with what some improvisation intact.Ajax-De Graafschap · 20 minutes geleden13′ A free kick by Lasse Schöne ends up in the hands of Etemadi, that his aim is always clean know.Ajax-De Graafschap · 23 minutes geleden10′ What a chance for The County! After yet another corner for Ajax, the visitors can break out. Daryl van Mieghem is only André Onana, but for the attacker to shoot early, allowing the Ajax salvation can bring.Ajax-De Graafschap · 24 minutes geleden9′ Re a chance for The Is with the head, but the defender can just not good with the ball.Ajax-De Graafschap · 28 minutes geleden5′ Re two nice chances for Ajax. This Is the headline on goal after a corner and from the rebound shoot Nicolás Tagliafco through a County player, just over the goal.Ajax-De Graafschap · 28 minutes geleden5′ There is almost the lead for Ajax. Hakim Ziyech chops down his opponent and pulls out, but goalkeeper Agil Etemadi tap the ball in from the corner.Ajax-De Graafschap · 31 minutes geleden3′ The first is, not unexpectedly, for Ajax. Kasper Dolberg targets from a distance but just next to it.Eredivisie · 33 minutes ago1′ The ball is rolling!


  • Ajax-De Graafschap 0-0
  • FC Groningen-FC Emmen 0-0

Eredivisie · 36 minutes geledenDe players come onto the field in Amsterdam and Groningen. In a few minutes we start the two duels, from 14.30.Ajax-De Graafschap · one hour geledenOm 14.30, we will continue with two duels in the Eredivisie, including Ajax against De Graafschap.

Up & Running!


AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen14:10 – december 16, 2018sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · one hour geledenDe last minute runs…sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden90+3′ Wigan fails to see new opportunities to come. If the home team is the comeback complete?sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · one hour geledenEr come even five minutes in Friesland!sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden90′ Jensen is in the way at bet Of Amersfoort. The tension is rising!sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · one hour ago,89′ No red FC Utrecht!

Arbitrator Of the Count look at the video and thinks it’s not red, but yellow. Görtler allowed on the field Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · one hour ago,86′ Red FC Utrecht!

Lukas Görtler is going to be hard and should leave. The VAR looks to the moment.
sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden85′ A cross from Nemanja Mihajlović changes on ugly way of direction, but the goalkeeper Jensen let himself into the short corner to surprise and prevents the Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden80′ The public gets forward and Wigan will go in search of the equalizer. Tentative state of FC Utrecht, but the visitors stand?FC Groningen-FC Emmen · one hour ago

FC Emmen-coach Dick Lukkien sticks to the defensive security that his team this season, already striking a lot of points. That means that the drent egyptians, again, with five defenders game against FC Groningen. The front is gambled on the speed of Alexander Bannink and Jafar Arias and the leepheid Anco Jansen.

Setup FC Emmen: Sharpen; Gronsveld, Veendorp, Bakery, Siekman, Cavlan; Axe, Chacon, Bannink, Jansen; Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · one hour ago,75′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 2-3

The tension is now really all the way back! Pelle van Amersfoort is the headline in the first post touch from a corner Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · one hour ago,69′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 1-3

There is nothing the hit for Heerenveen and it is certainly a beautiful. Vlap plucks a cross from the right out of the air and shoot suddenly becomes a gauge or twelve. Is there more in for the home team?sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden68′ A nice attack from sc Heerenveen, since we need it for now. Vlap can be headings, but the commitment lacks direction.Ajax-De Graafschap · one hour ago

Lasse Schöne is in the basis at @AFCAjax.
The Danish midfielder completed a phd in 2007 with The County and played then one season in the Premier league.
#ajaGRA 🔵⚪


AuteurDe GraafschapMoment of plaatsen13:40 – 16 december 2018sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden64′ sc Heerenveen fails to make the duel even more exciting. FC Utrecht have not yet sweating.FC Groningen-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago

FC Groningen has in the last few weeks the way up to the found, with ten points from five matches. Meanwhile the people in Groningen in points equal to the opponent of today, FC Emmen. Important duel in the battle against relegation so, the winner will sign right in the middle.

Opstelling FC Groningen: Padt; Zeefuik, Wierik, Memisevic, Chabot, Craftsman; Warmerdam, Travel, Doan; Mahi, Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 2 hours geleden50′ FC Utrecht founded also after rest danger, but the pass of the Church is not good enough.Ajax-De Graafschap · 2 hours agoUp! These are the eleven names of The County for the duel in Amsterdam:

The County: Etemadi; Owusu, Sven Nieuwpoort, Van de Pavert, Tutuarima; Baker, El Jebli, Olijve; Narsingh, Nijland, Van Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 2 hours geleden46′ We have to go back further in Heerenveen, the netherlands. Can the home team like the 0-3-delay do?Ajax-De Graafschap · 2 hours ago

Ajax-trainer Erik ten Hag to start against The Grafschap again with Lasse Schöne on the midfield. Also should Kasper Dolberg to start at the point of attack. The two Danes were against Bayern Munich still passed. David Neres and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar to take place on the bank.

Setup Ajax: Onana; Mazraoui, The, Blind, Tagliafico; Schöne, Van de Beek, F. de Jong; Ziyech, Dolberg, Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 2 hours geledenOok this range of FC Utrecht goes by, certainly not the least!

3 – FC Utrecht have scored three times in four consecutive Premier league games for the first time since December 2001. Triple.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen13:09 – december 16 2018sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 2 hours geledenHet is peace in the province of Friesland. sc Heerenveen bakes a little and is fully afgetroefd by FC Utrecht: Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago45+2′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 0-3

Just before half-time looks like FC Utrecht will have a duel to decide. Tannane gets the ball on the left side of the penalty area, and pulls hard out in the short corner. Again, see Hahn there are not very Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 2 hours geledenNog a few minutes to rest. FC Utrecht for the time being has nothing to fear from sc Heerenveen. The home team is struggling mostly with Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

It will not have escaped your notice, but also in the Abe Lenstra Stadium is the two degrees on the cold side Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 2 hours geledenHet is already the fourth Premier league match in a row that Church, he’s playing for FC Utrecht.

4 – Gyrano Church is the first @fcutrecht player with a goal in four consecutive Premier league games since Ruud Boymans in 2014. Advent.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen12:46 – 16 december 2018sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago26′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 0-2

Gyrano Church runs into the penalty area and get out. Goalkeeper Warner Hahn verkijkt on the shot and let it through his legs, surprised by the FC Utrecht Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 2 hours geleden23′ sc Heerenveen goes on the hunt for the equalizer, but the visitors will be dangerous in the tegenstoot. Sander of the Region shoot just next to and also Oussama Tannane gets a Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago,14′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 0-1

Nota bene Bergström who does it! The defender, who just before the kick-off had raids for Letschert, blasts touch off a corner and put the visitors Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden11′ Good attempt of Yuki Kobayashi from a free kick, but the ball goes just next to the Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden10 ” The first danger is from sc Heerenveen. In the transition is Michel Vlap until a nice attempt, but goalkeeper David Jensen, the ball can Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden1′ The ball is rolling on this Sunday! Who grabs the points in the province of Friesland?sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geledenEen change in the set up at FC Utrecht: Timo Letschert is still not fit enough and can’t play. Emil Bergström is his replacement.Back to top

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