Trump appoints third chief of staff in two years time

979269460610edaf74036a76471a2907 - Trump appoints third chief of staff in two years time

The American president Donald Trump has ultraconservatief Mick Mulvaney, his current begrotingsdirecteur, was appointed chief of staff ad interim. He follows John Kelly.

The president made last week announced that John Kelly, his most trusted collaborator, would be a blow at the end of this year. The relationship between the two was in the past few months seriously declined. Although ex-general Kelly ideologically, often on the same line was to be the Trump, for example, on immigration, he could not find in Trumps style and approach.

After days of speculation has Trump now, so a successor is found. The task of Trump to protect more controversy ends up on the shoulders of his current begrotingsdirecteur, the 51-year-old Mick Mulvaney. He was in the past active as a member of parliament and is regarded as ultraconservatief. The president describes him on Twitter as ‘a great patriot’.

Several other candidates, such as Nick Ayers, the chief of staff to vice president Mike Pence, had a for a canceled for the job, though it claims to Trump that there are many candidates for the job.

It will be the third time that Trump of chief changes, after July 2017 even though Reince Priebus after a few months of service left. Kelly, short-lived minister for Internal Security during the first six months of Trumps presidency, as successor things to put in the White House, where chaos reigned.

Trump had at that time already the director of the FBI walking sent. Also was Robert Mueller have already been appointed as special prosecutor in the Russia affair.

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