Tom Waes venture his life in the first episode of Travel Waes

869bfaab9ff735e5409de850ad1f8a93 - Tom Waes venture his life in the first episode of Travel Waes

With Travel Waes Europe wants to Waes show that you do not go to the other side of the world need to give you a surprise and to strange adventures to experience. That is immediately obvious in the first episode.

Tom pulls to the popular holiday destination of Spain, that annually gets flooded by a whopping 75 million tourists. But where do you go if you the tourist attractions left to do? Tom travels from the south of Spain, along the west all the way to the north. An area that was once the back of Spain is called.

On his way he witnesses large-scale night-time drug smuggling, he throws together with villagers to 20,000 pounds of turnips to a “chosen” scapegoat, he is literally on the horns during a bullfight and through the surf almost out of the rocks rinsed in the search for a delicacy.

Sunday 16 december at 20.35. on One.

Drug den
Tom begins his journey through Spain all the way in the south in the coastal town of La Linea de la Concepcion. No crowded beaches or Spanish tapabars here, because La Linea is one of the largest drugshavens of Europe. Every day there is tons of hashish was sailed from Morocco, only 14 km away. Tom is a witness of the nocturnal drug trafficking and believe his eyes.

“If you town here uitkuist, you will find tons of drugs, hundreds of thousands of cigarettes and 500 rubber boats.”

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