Tom Waes refutes criticism over savings

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Sunday Travel Waes. All the episodes are about Europe. “My first reaction was also: Europe? ‘T savings, men? But that is not so”, says Tom Waes in The Latest News. “The editors wanted to change and now I am very content. Most of what we have turned, is, at most, a few thousand kilometers from our door. We have Spain been specifically chosen to prove that we are even there, a ‘Travel Waes’. A note which I ever received: “Yes, Waes, all well and good. But we don’t have the money to go to Polynesia, or Alaska travel.’ Alas, now we go to Poland. Is located near the door and no one knows that country. It has the episode eventually not met, but I’ve got a safari among the wild bison done. Buffalo, which is still a bit larger than the American bison and for which you do not go to Yellowstone.”

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