Tom Dewispelaere shines from Sunday in About Water

298e7c07e178a005d15aa105ee13c875 - Tom Dewispelaere shines from Sunday in About Water

Sunday start One with Water. Tom Dewispelaere plays the lead role as John Beckers, a fallen tv star that a new life begins in the port. “I was the first to whom screenwriter Tom Lenaerts, the role offered, and he told you immediately that he had a problem, I got the role did not accept,” says Dewispelaere in Gazet Van Antwerpen. “With such words you can barely refuse. (laughs) But I knew Tom, of course, another of the series of The Parelvissers, and knew what kind of stories he would like to make. He is a perfectionist, a hard worker. I know he only with the best people want to surround, from actors to technical people. In that sense it was a party to About Water to begin with. Not only the dialogues, also the great story lines are clever. You will, unfortunately, not every day in Flanders, so’n quality to you on a plate. Also what our D. O. P. Bjorn Charpentier (which determines how the series is visually in sight, red.) has introduced is of a very high level.”

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