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Tim Wellens rides in 2019 despite the heat again in the Tour de France: “I know that I’m going to refrain”

d70d36fa88a3d08d99b9069385500382 - Tim Wellens rides in 2019 despite the heat again in the Tour de France: “I know that I'm going to refrain”

Tim Wellens had the past few months, a couple of times a balloon set loose, and the ball is now definitively by the church. In 2019 he drives normally again, the Tour de France. That he told a press conference during the teamstage in Mallorca.

Wellens was there already two times in the Tour de France, in 2015 and in 2017, but the last time he rode the biggest race of the year. Wellens has a hate-hate relationship with the Tour. Yes, he would like to be there, because now, once the greatest sports forum of the cycling year, but at the same time struggling with a heat and played him heavy tricks in the Tour of 2017.

“Heat’s been slightly better under control”

“I know that I’m going to refrain,” he says, “but I would like to be there in 2019. The start is also in Belgium, and that certainly plays a role. Your wants as a rider in that Tour. Not because you are like, almost no rider likes to be in the Tour, but simply because the sporty is very important. My heat problem is also already a bit better under control, but it remains a flaw. We try to provide that as well as possible to deal with all kinds of resources: clothing, ice cream, cold smoothies. Look, I just want to take it another try and hopefully with a good result as a result.”

“Paris-Nice is the first big goal of the year”

For the other, driving the Limburger almost a copy-paste from the season 2018. “I start in the Mallorca Challenge (at the end of January, a series of one day races, red), the Star of Bessèges (7 to 10 February), what’s new, but I wanted to be happy again quotes, then the Ruta del Sol (20-24/02), the Omloop het Nieuwsblad because I that last year a great experience and found my first big goal of the year: Paris-Nice. The parcours of the Tirreno-Adriatico looks quite nice, but normally I drive so the Race to the Sun, only I know the course yet. Of course I would be in Paris-Nice like good for the day, do better than the last edition (where he is fifth in the overall classification, red), but I’m still no statements.”

“I don’t do high altitude training”

In 2018, he won the Brabant Arrow, now the Walloon classics again a great goal, then the belt comes off and then probably start in the Tour of Norway (29 may to 2 June) and then as possible, the Baloise Belgium Tour from 12 to 16 June as preparation for the Tour. “I don’t do high altitude training”, he is still with me, “the past be for me that I do not stand to gain am.”

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