Thousands of Yellow Shirts protest in France

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PARIS – Thousands of demonstrators are Saturday for the fifth weekend in a row in France, the street took to against the government of president Emmanuel Macron to protest. The number of Yellow Shirts is a lot lower than last week Saturday, according to a police source.

,,Since the attack in Strasbourg is quieter, but I think it’s next Saturday and subsequent Saturdays, again more will be”, says a protester on the Champs-Élysées.

In Paris watch Saturday about 8000 agents about the safety. There are also fourteen armoured vehicles deployed. In the whole of France, 69.000 agents are deployed, the opposite 89.000 a week ago.

Tear gas

Riot police fired in Paris tear gas during minor clashes with protesters in the neighbourhood of the Champs-Élysées. Around noon, police had nearly a hundred demonstrators were arrested.

Further demonstrated by a group of activists of the feminist taking notes of Femen topless at the Elysée, the residence of the president.

The Yellow Bibs started mid-november with protests at junctions and roundabouts, against the increase of fuel prices. Quickly grew the demonstrations to broader protests against the policies of Macron. The demonstrations in Paris led in recent weeks to vandalism and violent clashes with security forces.

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