Third duet for Paco Garcia & Steven Lambert

01b3f132bba3d26a7d8293f198446843 - Third duet for Paco Garcia & Steven Lambert

Paco Garcia and Steven Lambert were as a result of their third duet “Trad” as a guest in Ment on Sunday. This is the third duet the duo that the more and more the idea is that organisers of events bring them together books. The beautiful accompanying clip was recorded in The Vinne to Zoutleeuw and in the Mines in Beringen. The trademark Paco and Steven is their English-and Spanish texts. Paco Garcia is a full-blooded Spaniard, he said himself. His parents have Flanders, meanwhile, again exchanged for Spain. Also Steven Lambert has something to do with the Spanish language. His 21-year-old son in namely half Mexican, because Steven was previously married to a Mexican. Steven Lambert speaks so fluently Spanish, and he wrote both the Dutch and the Spanish text. Lex De Groot brought along with Steven Lambert for the production.
Not only a musical can both gentlemen well. During the christmas season, they will often in each other’s company and relax. On new year’s eve, they organize together an event in which is also Steven’s wife, Siham, who with “Bailame” a hit scored.

The clip “Trad” by Paco Garcia & Steven Lambert is a to view on YouTube. The single is also available to download.

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