The writer distances himself from new film Verhoeven

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Paul Verhoeven and writer Gerard Soeteman

Therefore he has his name of the credits removed, says the writer in an interview with the Leiden university magazine Mare.

Verhoeven and Soeteman were together responsible for classics such as Floris, Turkish delight, Soldier of Orange, Splashes, The Fourth Man and black book and have been working for a half a century together; But with Benedetta, that next year the premiere of must go on, focuses Verhoeven (80), according to Soeteman too much on the sex. “She is a lesbian and knows with her machinations, a lot of people behind her to get,” says Soeteman in Mare. “It took me not to the sexual relationships of this brilliant woman, but to the political constellation in which they moved. If that element is omitted, then and just think ’hmmm, lesbian, what is good, than serve I you, that I find not acceptable. It allows me as to what Paul wants to make.”

The movie about the lesbian nun Benedetta Carlini, who in the renaissance lived in a monastery in Italy, had what Soeteman mainly focus on the political base in the story. “The film should go on someone with totally wrong ideas: a Trump, Hitler, or Wilders. Swindlers from here to gunder, who understand by the people to be seen as savior. That is much more interesting than women are to each other, frutselen.”

“No dare to say’

Soeteman says do not be mad that Verhoeven and he is of the opinion differences about the approach of the film. “I’m just paid, but I have explicitly denied to the credits. I’m not angry. If Paul wants it so do it, too bad. You must no dare to say; I have nothing more of Paul heard. But I never connect a ’continued’.”

Benedetta is the second collaboration of Verhoeven with the French production company SBS Productions, with whom he previously the critically acclaimed thriller Elle made. The film was selected for competition at the Cannes film festival and won two Golden Globes. Benedetta should in mid-2019 premiere.

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