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‘Tampering, corruption, black money,but the people remain”

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So beautiful the voetbalzomer and the world cup were, so painful was the autumn with Operation Clean Hands and the Football Leaks. What does this voetbalanalisten Peter Vandenbempt and Wesley Sonck?

‘Tampering, corruption, black money,but the people remain”

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‘Football supporters are more than ever stuck with the sport and certainly to their own club.’ For example, when KV Mechelen, where, despite the scandals and the sale of the subscriptions peaked. Jasper Jacobs/belga

So beautiful the voetbalzomer and the world cup were, so painful was the autumn with Operation Clean Hands and the Football Leaks. What does this voetbalanalisten Peter Vandenbempt and Wesley Sonck?

‘Tampering, corruption, black money,but the people remain”

Where did the voetbalkenners goosebumps from?

The best voetbalmoment of 2018

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Nico Tanghe

Brussels‘Or I otherwise, to football matches? That is a difficult question’, sigh, Peter Vandenbempt, voetbalcommentator and analyst at VRT Radio 1, between the hustle and bustle of two Champions League matches. “During the matches themselves. Now I’m not any error or strange goal, by definition, suspicious. Yesterday I sat in the comment box at Liverpool-Napoli and to be honest: I have really enjoyed it. Comment on a race you do now, once with enthusiasm and passion.’

But in between matches there is for him something changed. “I’m more into thinking. Especially on the possible involvement and at the very least intertwining of referees with clubbestuurders and brokers. For all clarity, or that referees are also involved in matchfixing has yet to be proven. But still, when I heard that I thought: also that still, and still here with us.”


Although some of the voetbalanalisten also before all their doubts. “With Filip Joos in the Extra Time I had questions at the matchverloop of Kortrijk-Mouscron a few years ago and recently, even in the 0-4 win of Eupen at the same Mouscron’, remembers Wesley Sonck, voetbalanalist at Proximus Sports and Extra-Time. “But I’ve always learned that you’re not just audience may accuse. I know how it is if you like something it is accused that you have not done.’

‘Unlikely, I think, that that Sergio Ramos just may wegwandelen of a drug test for a conclusive explanation.”

Peter Vandenbempt

That financial cheating is in professional football and that there is black money involved, there surprise Vandenbempt, and Sonck is a lot less. ‘This is where everyone in the world something about the wind’, it sounds in unison. At the most, then once the shoulders are picked up. ‘Tell me honestly, that happens everywhere where there is a lot of money is circulating, ” says Sonck.

Though this does not mean the football supporters now everything with the mantle of love to cover. ‘On the contrary’, says Vandenbempt. “I must say that I now have many more messages from supporters about referees get than in the past. And I got a lot. And that while the referees today are no more or less mistakes than before. All referees are doing wrong, is now black. “You see, that is also already bribed” or “they just do but continue”, that kind of insinuations I get to the belt’.

Football as a religion

But football supporters who are really bored and no football to look, continue to be major exceptions. “No, do I know almost no one. That is also the great strength of the sport. You saw that also in the cycling world. Lance Armstrong took doping, but each time when the spring and the Tour of Flanders is, forget everyone and they are back in large droves to cheer along the way’, sigh Vandenbempt.

It is, according to him, something almost religious. “Just as many Belgians, the church, have spewed, but still stick to their faith. For example, the football supporters more than ever to stick to the sport and certainly to their own club.’

The institute of football, however, the order around them, spewing the same football supporters according to Vandenbempt flock out. They should be nothing more to know of the tampering, the voetbalbobo, the corruption, the black money. “And that is not only the strength of the sport, at the same time, the big drama. Because of this, anyone who the bad believes that football is everything to afford. They know the people yet remain.’

That is certainly true for some of the wrong players ‘ agents, who today more than ever, the spin in the corrupt voetbalweb seem to be. ‘Or their power in my time was so large that they have certain players able to overcome the injuries to feign or their foot is not to convert? I don’t know. Me is the me during my career and never asked. And if someone would dare, would I just dubbelplooien, I think. But I can only for myself but speak, of course, said Sonck.

‘If you like your football sector goodwill wants to build in politics, then the choice for Pierre François very unhappy’

Peter Vandenbempt

Vandenbempt is sharper. He feared that in the coming weeks in the Belgian football is still more scandals will come out. “If Veljkovic as spijtoptant begins to talk and say what sporting directors and trainers at the Belgian professional clubs he has money given to players so that they have a new and better contract would get – as his lawyer has already dropped a hint in the Matter – then our football will soon be a new giant blow’, fear the radiocommentator.

Dubious role

But there were this fall not only voetbalschandalen in their own country. From the numerous revelations by Football Leaks for example, it appeared that the anti-doping tests in the international professional football is sometimes quite loosely. Especially when it comes to top clubs such as Real Madrid. “If there is something that bothers me, is that. Unlikely I find it that Sergio Ramos just may wegwandelen of a drug test without having a convincing explanation to give, blows Vandenbempt.

Football Leaks also brought revelations in their own country. Or Pierre François after his dubious role in the Mouscron-file can stay on as ceo of the prof league, and as a member of the committee of experts, know Sonck. ‘That file, I do not know enough’. And also Vandenbempt is initially mild in his judgment. ‘Pierre François has a convincing explanation for his behavior and from his experience and abilities, he is very well placed in order in that committee of experts to serve. I know him and he is a very smart man, very smart.”

But there is also a flip side to the coin, emphasizes Vandenbempt. ‘If you like your football sector goodwill wants to build in politics, then that choice for François at the same time very unhappy. Since he can then legally perhaps nothing is wrong, it is not the person you are to have a parliamentary committee can go full of biased politicians. A hall in which most of the people think that football is a sport of zakkenvullende luieriken. Because by his past – François has collaborated with controversial characters such as Bico (at White Star Woluwe, ed.), D’onofrio (Standard, red.) and Leone (at La Louvière, ed.) – personified, he for many outsiders, the dark side of football: that of the black money and corruption.’

And thus we come to the possible consequences of the recent sobering in football: the threat from Belgian politics to the funding tap to the professional clubs (partly) closed. “But may I also take the stupid student hang out?If I today, yesterday and the past days the political pages opensla in my newspaper, and I still think sometimes, “that is nothing to laugh at?”’, take Luckily for the defense of the professional football.


And also Vandenbempt, warns the child with the bathwater and throw it away. “I think that football support should get from the government, just like other sports and social activities. That is now happening abroad. Only otherwise. In the Netherlands almost all of the football stadiums built with public support’.

‘Less government support for the football? I also agree the stupid student like: If I have the last few days the political pages opensla in my newspaper, I also think sometimes: that’s to laugh?’

Wesley Sonck

But the support of the government, according to the radiocommentator be better regulated, with more commitments to transparency for the clubs, who need to demonstrate which they that taxpayers ‘ money have used. ‘That was ten years ago need to happen. And also the minimum wage in our league should up, for me at least times two. Otherwise the politics that minimum wage soon, it might be five.’

Vandenbempt is apprehensive for steekvlampolitiek. ‘Now, take for example the idea of Green for the future with tax benefits for the professional football directly link to speelminuten of Belgian youth players. Grants associate at sporting requirements, I find no good idea. What if there is a bad generation, or a professional club is suddenly a lot of injuries? Thus, you create just a new problem. Then go for the Belgian youth players on the transfer list in one fell swoop is extremely expensive. Much more expensive than they are in reality truly worth, he warns.

“What me in it especially bothers, is the demagogy in the whole discussion. Especially from the side of politics’, emphasizes Vandenbempt. If he is the criticism of some outsiders on the football understand that. ‘When people read what amounts in the professional football deal – three million for a football agent here, six million there… (sigh) Then it is not surprising that people wonder: should the government that we all have sponsors?’, gives Vandenbempt. “It is therefore very important that the prof league, Monday vigorously intervening and not with half-hearted measures.’

Where did the voetbalkenners goosebumps from?

The best voetbalmoment of 2018

Vandenbempt: ‘no doubt the match against Brazil. Even if it was out there with the necessary luck. If you race 10 times play, you lose him 8 times. Nevertheless, it was an epic match, where everything was. With a stunning first half hour and then survive on willpower. In addition, we played against a strong team, because Brazil had the world cup really is a good team. For me, it was that quarter-final at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, the greatest performance from the Belgian football history.’

Sonck: “The unexpected comeback of Belgium against Japan, with a goal in the last minute. I was in the studio of the VRT and except Geert De Vlieger was there no one who, after the 2-0 believed that the Red Devils that match still went on to win. And yet they did it and with a pearl of a counter.’ (nta)

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