T. I. gets $ 300 fine for swearing

40cc17c17ef6e2b27f06a21b7b782bfe - T. I. gets $ 300 fine for swearing

T. I. was earlier this year arrested for the gate of his gated community. He was the key forgotten and asked a guard to the gate to open. The security guard refused, on which an altercation arose. The police was called and T. I. had been arrested for assault, disturbing the public order and public drunkenness.

“T. I. is innocent, and he was sure that he was not guilty would be found by the jury. But to put the matter to rest, he went agreement with a settlement for cursing in public. The judge sentenced him to a fine of $ 300 and is paid immediately”, ordered the lawyer of the rapper know in a comment to People.

Previously called T. I. the charges racist. He was held by “white cops in an all white community” who were not interested in his side of the story. T. I. denied that he is the guard with a finger had touched it.

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