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Stoffel Vandoorne has problems in the first Formula E race, but Jérôme d ” Ambrosio provides Belgian party

The first Formula E race of Stoffel Vandoorne is not a success. The West-Flemish should the ePrix of Ad-Diriyah (Saudi Arabia), however, as the fourth start after a strong qualifying, but the race ran it for not feet: his HWA car was probably hit by a still unknown problem. Jérôme d ” Ambrosio had a better start of the season: he stayed out of trouble and if as third man on the stage.

Vandoorne lost at the start one position and fell thereafter as a stone to the bottom of the field. What the problem was, is still unclear. The Rumbekenaar would end up only as a seventeenth of the 22 participants to the finish line crossing. Vandoornes team-mate Gary Paffett took to the finish. Jérôme d ” Ambrosio created unexpectedly still for a Belgian party: he kept a whole race long out of trouble, reed, and even a time second after race leader Jean-Eric Vergne a penalty had been given. The Frenchman went into the final stage, eventually passed by D’Ambrosio, who nevertheless, as the third was still on the stage. The winner was the Portuguese Antonio Felix Da Costa.

The next Formula E race is on Saturday 12 January 2019 in Marrakech.

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