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Stoffel Vandoorne has disappointing Formula E debut, Jerome d Ambrosio on the stage

249ff3017782489779c411cc693f6855 - Stoffel Vandoorne has disappointing Formula E debut, Jerome d Ambrosio on the stage

Antonio Felix da Costa has in Saudi Arabia the first Formula E race of the season 2018/2019 won. Our fellow countryman Jerome d Ambrosio finished third on the stage. Stoffel Vandoorne had a dramatic race and finished seventeenth.

Antonio Felix da Costa was on the pole leave, but had his car badly on the starting grid. Crooked he had to start the race. Nevertheless he succeeded to his leadership position to maintain, our compatriot Stoffel Vandoorne lost a place and dropped back to fourth place.

A few laps late in the race fell Vandoorne further back to the seventh place. At the front we saw meanwhile, da Costa and Buemi within one second of each other drive.

Quarters far into the race we saw Vandoorne continues to fall back on. Had Vandoorne problems with his car. At the same time fell to his team-mate Gary Paffett out of the race. Not the best race for the novice HWA Racelab team that Vandoorne will drive and that the support of Mercedes enjoy.

With still 26 minutes to go put Jean-Eric Vergne the attack on Antonio Felix da Costa. The Frenchman passed by da Costa and moved to the head of the race, for da Costa and his team-mate Andre Lotterer. Our second fellow-countryman Jerome d Ambrosio drove to a creditable sixth place.

Stoffel Vandoorne got more and more problems in his HWA Racelab car, and continued to post losses. Where the practice sessions and qualifying very well were running the race on a drama for Vandoorne who clearly have had trouble with his car.

More front we saw d’Ambrosio, with a beautiful maneuver Buemi pass for fifth place. Our fellow countryman, benefited afterwards the most of a penalty for Vergne and stronger and then also to the second place. Da Costa drove in the meantime again in the lead of the race. José Maria Lopez had to be at the front to specify after giving his wheel to the left rear piece of reed.

After initially a yellow flag, we got the safety car on the track to the stranded car of Lopez road to hoisting. All differences were wiped out, and that was especially a disadvantage for Antonio Felix da Costa, which is comfortably in the lead to reed.

At the restart was da Costa in the front remain, d’Ambrosio, lost a place to Jean-Eric Vergne, who with his ‘attackmode’ our countryman could pass. Eventually da Costa to just before Jean-eric Vergne crossed the finish line to drive and win the race.

Our fellow countryman Jerome d Ambrosio finished third on the podium, his eighth podium finish in the Formula E. Stoffel Vandoorne had a frustrating debut and finished as the seventeenth. His team-mate Gary Paffett had to give up. Obviously a very difficult debut for the HWA Racelab team.

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