Social services of Obama is ‘unconstitutional’

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FORT WORTH – A judge in the Us state of Texas on Friday ruled that Obamacare violates the Us constitution. On the basis of the zorghervorming that Barack Obama during his presidency has introduced is a compulsory health insurance. According to the court, this obligation is void, because the Congress is the penalty on the uninsured to zero dollars has decreased. As is the foundation under the whole zorghervorming lost.

The lawsuit was filed by twenty states, including Texas, who say they are harmed by the Affordable Care Act, as Obamacare is officially called. By the zorghervorming are the costs to states increased, they say.

Sixteen other states, including California, have announced to appeal. A spokesman of California, called the verdict an attack” on the more than 133 million Americans who have no private health insurance.

President Donald Trump, who of Obamacare afwil, showed himself to be in his element. On Twitter, he called the zorghervorming of its predecessor,is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL disaster!”

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