Reizen Waes Europe: Tom Waes on a journey through the unknown Europe

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From Sunday evening 16th of december the whole of Flanders to enjoy the pain travels of Tom Waes. In the highly anticipated fourth season of Travel Waes he remains for the first time within the borders of Europe and he shows that you do not go to the other side of the world must travel to show you the surprise.

So he leaves in Spain, the costa’s and cultural cities left and he moves to the village of Piornal, where each year one “chosen” resident pelting with 20,000 pounds of turnips. On the Isle of Man, he is a witness of the most dangerous motorcycle racing in the world. He also makes a journey of 1000 kilometres across Poland, a country not so far from here that it completely unknown. Twenty years after the peace agreement in Northern Ireland, he experiences the tensions between catholics and protestants in the trendy and tourist Belfast are still alive and kicking.

But Tom is also looking for the far corners of Europe. In Iceland he visits a village that is eight months of the year is closed off from the outside world. In Greenland, he goes to immerse yourself in the wonderful culture of the Inuit, but he is also faced with the controversial seal hunt. In the Eurasian Azerbaijan, he is looking for or the ambition to five million tourists to receive is justified. And finally, he makes a dubbelaflevering a roadtrip through the giant Ukraine, a country still in war lives.

Toms first trip to the popular holiday destination of Spain, it is immediately a very surprising. Every year, 75 million tourists to cities like Barcelona and Madrid, or to the sunny Spanish costa’s. But where do you go in Spain as the tourist attractions left to do? In the west, also known as the back of the country called, discovered Tom a Spain where most of us hardly know: a deflated and disadvantaged region with unusual use. In the Galician village of Muxía venture his life by working with local fishermen in the surf along the wild rocky coast looking to go to eendenmosselen. And in the village of Piornal, in Extremadura, pelting them during the annual procession, a strange costumed figure with thousands of turnips. Why? That we discover in this first episode.

Reizen Waes Europe: nine penalty travelogues full of bizarre experiences and moving encounters.

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