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Red lantern Lokeren win of season’s revelation STVV, but it hits up to four players to lose

56dde80e18c65128fd77a71103d89ddb - Red lantern Lokeren win of season's revelation STVV, but it hits up to four players to lose

Bend or break, that is the Wase derby next week Saturday for Sporting Lokeren. The men of Trond Sollied had a handsome 2-0 victory against STVV, the first three pointer since november, but saw two players injured failure and two others, to their fifth yellow card tackle.

Or to the original eleven was, that we dare to doubt, but Lokeren picked up with a bright mixed up team its first victory after a 1-to-12. While STVV with his trusted eleven years, was Trond Sollied back again count on Filipovic. This was Diaby scrolls to the right, where Tirpan was missing due to injury. The attacking quartet was a first. Cevallos was the preferred choice on Rassoul, Benchaib got are first starting, Jovanovic only his second, at the expense of Hupperts and Terki. Many mooiweervoetballers so, while the rain pouring from the sky fell. But it worked well.

STVV, which is called the best footballing team of first class, but against an aggressive Lokeren chirping Canaries a half long with a false tune. At no time was the grip on the midfield and if it is still fortunate that Jovanovic with his back to goal ball after ball in the wrong place. While STVV a half long with no chance together, played, decorated the city of Lokeren, there are three. And every time she STVV-goalkeeper Steppe a leading role. The first, a weak plaatsbal of Benchaib, was Steppe, not klemvast. The second, a slightly flabby tegenvoetse header of Miric, he got out of his cage. In the third, then it went wrong again. The scope captured the doctrine of Bezus, Marecek lap not so hard, but a late bounce did the Steppe is not the case. Miric was followed and poked his third of the season. This is the Serbian topschutter of Lokeren, which says everything about the weakest attack of 1A. The scream of the Steppe spoke volumes: he realized that he has soap on his hands.

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Brys grip and left The Sart in the dressing room, Endo came in it. Lokeren immediately got a warning: Kamada picked up for the first time out with his infamous kapbeweging and laid back on Bezus. That hit the inside of the post. Lokeren crawled back and played a quarter of an hour with fire. To make matters worse, attacked the players as well as fly. First twisted Miric, only when he was a ball of Bezus tried to stop. How maligned the Serb sometimes for his little fijnbesnaarde actions of the quartet in the front, he was the last person that you would switch if there should gebikkeld. Forced to replaced Terki him. Not much later, also had Skulason off, also because he is wrong landed on his ankle.

The scope and Cevallos suspended

Because Lokeren are burly game of the first half did not know, came to STVV there sporadic by. Boli got the chance, but reflexology of The Wolf prevented the equalizer. Also Kamada decided on the goalkeeper. Lokeren seemed to maintain. When Terki by the offside trap slipped and 2-0 made it, it was the third victory of the season, a fact. Hence Lokeren the gap with Waasland-Beveren playable. Yet tasted the victory bittersweet. As if the injuries still weren’t enough, and got also Cevallos and the Scope is still yellow, making them next weekend, are suspended in the vital duel against Waasland-Beveren. Or how will a new team between the lines. Maybe it picks up again for the Waaslanders.

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