Police Paris shoos away Yellow Vests of Champs – Élysées

1b1384e5730a42d7c946c66416ec576b - Police Paris shoos away Yellow Vests of Champs - Élysées

Paris – The French police use water cannons and tear gas used to make Yellow Bibs-demonstrators from the Champs – Élysées to dispel.

Thousands of protesters are Saturday for the fifth weekend in a row in France, the street took to against the government of president Emmanuel Macron to protest.

It came Saturday afternoon during a new protestdag again a number of times to riots in the French capital, although it was with a by the police, estimated number of about three thousand Yellow Vests significantly calmer than during previous protest-Saturdays.

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Protest Yellow Bibs Paris is much smaller than last week

In total, in France, according to the authorities, around 33,000 people to the streets to protest against the ever-rising costs of living and social inequality.

In Belgium this morning a dead cases. By a blockage of the protesters collided with a car on a truck. The motorist survived the blow.

The Yellow Bibs started mid-november with protests at junctions and roundabouts, against the increase of fuel prices. Quickly grew the demonstrations to broader protests against the policies of Macron. The demonstrations in Paris led in recent weeks to vandalism and violent clashes with security forces.

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