Pleun Bierbooms impressed by CliniClowns

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Pleun Bierbooms

Pleun went along with the 13-year-old Iris who to leukemia suffers. Iris loves the music of the singer who, last year, The Voice of Holland won, and was pleasantly surprised to see her. Pleun: “I thought it was so special that they fan is to my music listening, I immediately said:’ Yes, of course I want to do that!’ ”

Although Pleun very violently found, she has not focused on the illness, she says. “Children often want to be seen, not as someone who is just sick and so I have not treated. I thought: you are such a nice and sweet girl, we’re going to have a nice day.” Iris was, according to Pleun “delighted and happy” to visit her. How the for Pleun felt to her fan so happy to see? “Very, very grateful. I can’t imagine how it is for cancer to have, and especially not at that age, that must be especially very tough.”

Pleun also tells that she is overwhelmed. “I was sometimes flabbergasted. How can you be here so sit down, so sober, so chill, I thought. I asked her: “What do you do when you get through it?’ Then she said, ” That’s going to come’ . I thought that was so impressive. It is a strong girl.”

Really funny

The tv show calls attention to the importance of the CliniClowns. Pleun has the interest of the clowns with my own eyes. “People underestimate what CliniClowns do, and what they add to a children’s hospital. I thought at first: that’s probably not a lot of proposals. But it makes the day that children really are a bit better. And for the people who do that, it is also their job, not something they want to do. It allowed me to understand that it is very much add. For something so beautiful, I would so do this again.”

In addition, they are really very, very funny, ” says Pleun. “Even I – I am 20 – have so hard of laughter.” Besides Pleun Bierbooms also Rico Verhoeven, André van Duin and Q3 are on while visiting the patient at a fan.

The television program is Saturday at 20:25 hours on NPO1 and is a collaboration between the EO and CliniClowns. Harm Edens and Anne-Mar Black present the show.

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