PEC Zwolle and NAC Breda stairs Eredivisie-Saturday

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  • PEC Zwolle and NAC Breda stairs Eredivisie-Saturday

PEC Zwolle and NAC Breda stairs Eredivisie-Saturday

15 december 2018 18:18
15-12-18 18:18


In the Premier league are Saturday four races on the programme, including the duel between Heracles Almelo and PSV eindhoven (19.45). PEC Zwolle and NAC Breda will start the evening at 18.30. At the same time, with Heracles-PSV is AZ-Excelsior played. At 20.45 hours is the word to Vitesse and VVV-Venlo. Follow everything in our liveblog.


  • PEC-NAC (0-0)


  • AZ-Excelsior
  • Heracles-PSV


  • Vitesse-VVV

PEC-NAC · 9 minutes geleden1′ PEC Zwolle-NAC Breda is on the way.PEC-NAC · 13 minutes ago

This is the last away game of NAC in the Eredivisie this year. The last time NAC a full calendar year in the Eredivisie played and a maximum of one time won in a uitduel was in 1980. The team from Breda won on march 10, 2018 are only uitduel of this year: 0-2 with ADO Den Haag.PEC-NAC · 21 minutes ago

PEC has 25 points in the calendar year 2018, the least of all teams (excluding degradanten and phd students). Opponent NAC is one place higher in the booth 2018, with four points more. If PEC does not win, then quit the team the year as the worst of all the Premier league teams (excluding degradanten and promoted clubs).PEC-NAC · 29 minutes ago

At NAC has Pele van Anholt his first move, he will start for Fabian Sporkslede.

NAC: Leather; Anholt, Clog, Mets, Koch, Leigh; Rosheuvel, Nijholt, Verschueren, Short; To VredePEC-NAC · 32 minutes ago

We are starting this Club night with PEC-NAC. In the second half and start Diederik Boer under the crossbar, at the expense of Mickey van der Hart. Rick Dekker plays for Sepp van den Berg and Vito van Crooy for Clint Leemans.

PEC Zwolle: Boer; Ehizibue, Poland, Lamb, Pole; Bouy, Dekker, Flemming; Namli, Of Dunes, Of CrooijBack up

Image: ProShtos


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