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Mathieu van der Poel cross there after his internship in Scheldecross, head and shoulders, out: Wout van Aert second on a minute…

8239351ef063d2d8529a61e4434b29a8 - Mathieu van der Poel cross there after his internship in Scheldecross, head and shoulders, out: Wout van Aert second on a minute...

Those who had hoped that the winterstages for extra voltage would take care of in the cross, is an illusion. Mathieu van der Poel was also in the Scheldecross in Antwerp’s Left bank in a class too strong for the opposition: the Dutch won with a minute (!) ahead of Wout van Aert. Toon Aerts was third and remains a leader in the DVV-Trophy but see Van der Poel gap almost cut in half.

Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel returned after their training in Spain back in the league. The route of the Scheldecross was partially modified, especially the zone on the beach of Sint-Anneke got a facelift, and that resulted in a fast-paced opening round with a whopping 33km/h (!) on average, making a total of eleven rounds had to be finished.

Two times substantial extension in the sandbox and only Show Aerts could the wheel of Van der Poel follow. Even more, the Kempenaar took as a leader in the DVV Trophy the bonificatieseconden to the tussenspurt. Wout van Aert followed initially in nine seconds and was joined by Michael Vanthourenhout. When the pace at the front as faltered, we were actually four leaders. It was even more exciting this time…?

At the end of the second round gave Van der Poel, there is still a serious snok. Of Aert sprang on the wheel but it still went too fast for the world champion. The European champion picked up as a few seconds, but also Aerts gave itself this time not just won and followed along with Van Aert initially in a few seconds. But the two were on their touring and at the start of the fourth round, Van der Poel already more than ten seconds on the trio Of Aert-Aerts-Vanthourenhout.

34,2 km/h average!

The resistance was broken and the lead of the Dutchman ran quickly to more than twenty seconds. Exciting it was so not more, but he forgot the audience and made some spectacular jumps for the necessary spectacle. Playfully, he enlarged the lead on the pursuers, in the eighth round klokte he also set the fastest lap time at an average of… 34,2 km/h!

The tension was gone and by the cold, left all a lot of supporters for the final lap. However, it was Van Aert by the pursuers, however, snedig for the day. The world champion increased itself is the pace and so we got a duel with Toon Aerts for the second spot. A minute after Van der Poel about the stripe was gebold, drove From Aert to second place for Aerts, who is a leader remains in the DVV-trophy.

For Van der Poel was the fourteenth victory of the season, the fourth in total in the Scheldecross.


1. Mathieu van der Poel

2. Wout van Aert +1’04”

3. Toon Aerts +1’04”

4. Michael Vanthourenhout +1’33”

5. Laurens Sweeck +1’54”

6. Corné Van Kessel +2’42”

7. Lars Van der haar +2’44”

8. Tom Meeusen +2’57”

9. Tim Merlier +3’46”

10. Michael Boros +3’47”

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