’Lawyer Koppe unauthorised in Red Khmerzaak’

b9343ff5781c8f8df73bb376f8b55f17 - ’Lawyer Koppe unauthorised in Red Khmerzaak’

PHNOM PENH – The Dutch lawyer Victor Koppe was, according to the Cambodian bar association (BAKC) is not entitled to as a lawyer for the Red Khmertribunaal in Cambodia. That reports the South China Morning Post Saturday.

He defended there, Nuon can She, better known as Brother Number 2, that to life, was convicted for genocide during the bloody regime of Khmerleider Pol Pot. Koppe would by the UN-backed court in Cambodia have been dismissed, after the order had been reported that he has since 2016 not as a lawyer in the Netherlands would be registered.


The Dutch Order of Lawyers confirms that Koppe has written, but no further information. Koppe wanted to Saturday, still no comment. The announcement of the nine-year trial against Nuon She and co-suspect Khieu Samphan claims.

From a document from which the Chinese newspaper cites show that Koppe already in August of the BAKC-list is extracted. “The fact that mr Victor Koppe as a barrister continued to occur and participated in the lawsuit after his name of the BAKC-list was deleted, is in conflict with the law.” The document that the tribunal is sent is signed by the deputy secretary-general of the BAKC, Koy Neam.


On november 16, condemned the tribunal, the 92-year-old She, along with the 87-year-old Samphan for crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes. Both men, the two oldest surviving members of the Red Khmerregime, were life-sentenced.

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After the issuance of BAKC-document discontinued, the tribunal Koppes contract, thus rechtbankwoordvoerder Neth Pheaktra. He told the newspaper that Koppe its registration with the Amsterdam Order of Lawyers by January 1, 2016 had stopped.

Because foreign lawyers in Cambodia, both in their homeland as in the BAKC must register to their profession practice, said Pheaktra that Koppe “is no longer in Cambodia may continue to work.”

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