Laura Tesoro: “I am myself come across”

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Laura Tesoro can look back on a successful 2018 but the singer admits that she herself a few times, hard has encountered this year. The year began therefore in a minor key by her marital breakdown with Giovanni Kemper. Laura Tesoro and Giovanni Kemper formed a set and then doing a fraction extra pain. After the break-up was Laura living alone and that was a big change. Laura Tesoro was suddenly looking at himself…

Laura Tesoro calls 2018 than also a year of transition in which they re-connection with themselves. Nevertheless, she is glad that she is still by the same door with Gio. This ensures their cooperation for the Teen Musical still excellent, even though their relationship is a closed chapter. A chapter that was closed, of course, means that there is also a new start. More and more is Laura Tesoro described as a leading lady of TV, but like Laura still, a comment to make. Laura Tesoro will find it crazy that the press make her as defines for itself she speaks that never goes out. She presents much, but her music also remains very important. “I hope to stay in that combine,” said Laura Tesoro in Nina, the weekend supplement of The Latest News.

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