Kris Kross slaps hands with Davina Michelle

b35be0f58a27989867e27f862d91c8c3 - Kris Kross slaps hands with Davina Michelle

Yuki Kempees, Jordy Huisman and Sander Huisman of Kris Kross

Klaas van der Eerden will get the honour of being the dj’s to announce, and immediately makes all of the somewhat obvious joke that no one less that Kris Kross, the rapduo consisting of Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac (Jump) in the studio. However, nothing could be where: the Amsterdam trio Kris Kross joins the guys and talks frankly about their latest and upcoming projects.

So let them know that next week is already a Dutch new plate comes out with the Moon, Tabitha and Bizzey. Also tell them to work together with Davina Michelle. “We think that’s very cool. We are just really in love with the Dutch market. We have our first very, very focused on the foreign market and we are now thinking: it’s pretty great to be a Dutch audience, that is still your home.”

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