Judge finds Obamacare unconstitutional

09cddad034e1918b929fea7c261f8b12 - Judge finds Obamacare unconstitutional

The reform of the American health insurance, introduced by Barack Obama and known as Obamacare, which millions of Americans access to insurance is unconstitutional. That a judge in Texas Friday ruled.

The so-called ‘individual mandate’ of the law, which imposes penalties on American citizens who have no health insurance want to, goes against a 2017 adopted amendment of the tax law.

The case was brought by a group of about twenty Republican governors and attorneys. A group of Democratic governors, announced to the Supreme court in a new case together.

In 2012, already confirmed to the Supreme court the individual mandate as a tax that Congress is allowed to levy. But the Republican-controlled Congress abolished the penalty of last year. The Republicans that is the case he argued, therefore, that there is no longer a legal basis for the decision of the Supreme court in 2012.

Within the Republican party has been around for much longer opposition to Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act. The former president succeeded to that law in 2010 to get approved.

Obama’s successor, Donald Trump, responded to all pleased at the decision of the court. ‘Wow, but not surprising. A high-ranking judge in Texas has Obamacare UNCONSTITUTIONAL is called. Great news for America!’

It is not expected that this decision of the district court in Texas for an immediate effect.

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