Johnsen creates a mental hospital in Alkmaar

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Björn Johnsen celebrates his winning hit.

A week after the profit at Fortuna Sittard were registered in the North-Hollanders in their own stadium the second consecutive victory. Denis Mahmudov put Excelsior ahead. The equalizer came in the name of Guus Lift.

After a half hour, came to Excelsior on lead. Mahmudov took out more than twenty yards and saw the ball behind goalkeeper Marco Bizot in the corner of the fly. The second half of the Lift came just before half-time. He headed home a cross from Thomas Ouwejan.

After the resumption occurred mainly in AZ, but it was Excelsior imminent in the failure. In the actions of Ali Messaoud and Elías Már Ómarsson escaped the Alkmaarders to tegentreffers.

When AZ came under more Mats Seuntjens in the area of goalkeeper Alessandro Damen just one step shortage and saw Adam Maher, the Rotterdam keeper with a shot from far rescue. Fifteen minutes could Lift just don’t touch the headers after an action of Oussama Idrissi is on the left.

In extra time, Idrissi again for a solo on the left. Johnsen scored, then head out the cross from the vleugelaanvaller.

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