Huge fire in English zoo: massive evacuation

dcfaa04e3c2a926bf6deb0f3bb73a6fa - Huge fire in English zoo: massive evacuation

Chester – In the Uk’s largest and most visited zoo is Saturday, a massive fire broke out in a large indoor regenwoudverblijf. Visitors have been evacuated and the fire department is doing everything to bring the fire under control.

Employees of the zoo in Chester, with man power and working on getting all the animals to safety. In the ’rainforest’ stay orangutans, macaques and crocodiles. According to witnesses, there are already dozens of animals from their stay evacuated.

Images of the fire spread rapidly through social media. Of far are large plumes of smoke to see. The Chester Zoo is home to more than 21,000 animals.

It is not yet clear whether there are casualties among the visitors or the animals.

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