’Harvey Weinstein boasted about having sex with Jennifer Lawrence

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Harvey Weinstein used the lie that he is with Jennifer Lawrence to bed is been convincing other women that they can ’help’ in their career.

Variety reports that the woman has a case against Weinstein has filed because he would have her forced into oral sex. Also masturbated he, according to her, several times in her presence and threatened her career to thwart if they would put up a struggle.

In the rechtbankdocumenten is to read the cases, the film producer and the actress in 2013 in his office at the ground would have worked and then her underwear off. As soon as the actress made clear here not amused, he asked her if she really the actress wanted to be.

He would have said to her “dreams to come” as evidence: “I’ve been to bed with Jennifer Lawrence and see how far she has come: she has just an Oscar winner.” Lawrence denied this Friday. “My heart breaks when I think of all the women who are victims of Harvey Weinstein”, she responds. “I have only a professional relationship with him. This is another example of the lies that he used to make countless women fall into the trap to lure.”

Weinstein is by dozens of women accused of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

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