Guido Weijers: ’Rutte is better not to look’

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Guido Weijers takes Rutte on the chop on new year’s eve

Rutte will receive it in the year-old conference, which at 31 december at 20.30 on RTL 4, a lot of along due to his fiddling around the abolition of the dividend tax. “That topic was already there from september, when he was already on the run,” says Guido, who months and months of try-outs played and scraped his show. “It is a very painful piece, for Mark Rutte in particular, and it still works.”

“I advise him not to look,” says the comedian is in front of the camera of the ANP. What jokes Guido about the prime minister reveals he is of course not yet, but it is certain that the comedian is different statements of Rutte and put. That gives Guido a ’very accurate’ piece. “The public is amazed every day about what he has said.”


But not the whole conference is about the prime minister. 2018 was a good year, concluded Guido. “We have a year with lots of ingredients such as Khashoggi, the Oostvaardersplassen – there we started the year and now it starts gelazer again -, Avicii who died, the data protection law that takes effect… There is plenty to tell about this year.”

Also, there are topics where Guido is not about can or wants to jokes. “It is mainly that I had for a few years in a row that oudejaarsconferences do and that I in some subjects, think: well, not again. We are not going to back a Black Pietendiscussie do, we are not going to back Trump declined, we are not going back #MeToo tightening. Because I have all my previous conferences.”


The accident with a stint in the Oss, which in september, four children were killed, is a subject in which Guido total feels no need to have anything funny to say about it’. “I see that, then it turns my stomach also. There are no rules, I think that about all jokes must be able to create if you real a good joke. Only I can bring him on this topic, just don’t think of. Freedom of speech, religion, privacy, politics. This is something I really something of a find, but with very personal things which people really were touched, I save it, sometimes.”

The red wire in Guido’s ninth year-old conference is freedom. “I think that we ourselves are too much close. We explain to ourselves all kinds of restrictions because we are afraid that there are things in the future, perhaps that could happen. So we hang out everywhere cameraatjes on, because then we feel safer, but are we really safer, or we limit us only in our freedom?”


Guido argues “sometimes, but just to take the risk that something can happen.” “I think that we are our own freedoms to the limit and that is sin. At a given moment, we go to a lot of protect and so, we know now no more what life is.”

That theme was ’quite crazy’. “I had been to a number of escaperooms been and then I thought: “I’m also a escaperoom build’. This was the theme of ’trapped in your head, want to be free, want to escape from things ” continuously in my head. When I this year went, it turned out that a lot of events touching on the theme of freedom, are trapped and escape. In one way or another is one and one is three.”

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