Girlfriends dancing around chest Désirée Viola

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Desiree Viola

Désirée Viola, who is mainly known by her starring role in the Studio’s 100-series Prinsessia, died last week Friday. Her father made a few days later announced that his daughter, herself an end to her life has made. During the service, we extensively discussed her sudden death. “Why do we have things overlooked”, read girlfriends for. “You shone always, was still positive. How can it be that it is so.”

There were also video messages shown. “You’re not only my daughter but also my best friend,” says her mother. Her father stressed how each time she again managed to surprise. “Not only the general public, but most are still just at home. You wanted to be famous, rays. And rays you will always continue to do so.”

Désirée’s passion for music and dance were central during the funeral. At the end of the service asked the family to have a last dance for her. On The Night of Jamie Living, we all stand and clap. Friends danced around her white chest.

Contact 113 suicide prevention through or 0900-0113 if you need help.

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